Monday, January 27, 2014

January 25--Heirlooms Memories Necklace Class

We all had a great time making necklaces from "found pieces". One lady brought her pieces from a recent trip to France; a couple of the other ladies found their pieces from the "treasures" I had provided!

When I first visualized this class, I had intended it for ladies who had old pieces--maybe their grandmother's watch or perhaps a beautiful, single clippy earring that they could not bear to throw away--that might be re-designed into a necklace. But then I had several ladies contact me who were interested in the class but really didn't have anything they thought they could use and they wondered did I perhaps have enough for them to use??? WELL!! What fun! That inspired me to go through my supplies.

I had so much fun with everyone and was especially pleased with their finished products. They said they were, too! Hurray! Everyone was happy which is always the main goal.

Besides the necklaces, I had a two other little projects for them to work on--a pretty little dresser jar for them to embellish and a vintage labelmaker to adorn as a year-round ornament.


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